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Compatible Ink Cartridges

Why You Should Choose Compatible Ink Cartridges?

Businesses, offices, and individuals widely use printers to print documents. Inkjet printers use ink cartridges for printing. Ink cartridges are containers filled with the ink of various colours. They are inserted into inkjet printers. The ink filled in these cartridges is used to print documents.

What are OEM and compatible ink cartridges?

The same company manufactures original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM ink cartridges as the printer. All inkjet printers manufacture ink cartridges specifically for their various models and make of printers.

Compatible Ink Cartridges are manufactured by third party manufacturers. This means the brand of an inkjet printer and its compatible ink cartridges are not the same. Compatible ink cartridges are manufactured as per the specific features of the makes and models of printers of various brands.

For example, Canon Ink Cartridges for Canon inkjet printers can either be of OEM variety manufactured by Canon or compatible variety manufactured by third-party companies to work on Canon inkjet printers.

Benefits of compatible ink cartridges

Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges do not vary much from OEM ink cartridges in print quality. The quantity of pages that a compatible ink cartridge can print is also the same as the print quantity provided by its linked OEM ink cartridge. Thus, there is hardly any compromise in quality and quantity by opting for compatible ink cartridges over OEM ink cartridges.

Compatible ink cartridges cost much less as compared to OEM ink cartridges. The prices of original brand ink cartridges can cost 2-3 times more than compatible ink cartridges. Thus, compatible ink cartridges are affordable. Since there is hardly any difference in the print quality and quantity provided by OEM and compatible ink cartridges. There is no question of compromising the print quality and quantity while spending less money.

Compatible ink cartridges of many inkjet printers can even print more pages than the original ink cartridges of such brands. This is because the OEM ink cartridges of many brands are not filled with ink, but their compatible ink cartridges are filled to the top. Thus, the users get double the benefits of lower prices per cartridge and lower printing prices per page.

Reusing ink cartridges has a positive impact on the environment. Compatible ink cartridges are usually made using refurbished ink cartridges. This means the original ink cartridges discarded by the consumers are recycled and used again in the form of compatible ink cartridges. The recycled ink cartridges are tested thoroughly for damages and refurbished to bring them to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Using Compatible ink printer Cartridges does not nullify the printer’s manufacturer warranty regardless of the printer’s brand. Thus, the brand is obligated to honor the warranty provided on your printer even if you use compatible ink cartridges.

How to purchase compatible ink cartridges?

There is no dearth of options to Buy Ink Cartridges of compatible variety. Each brand of inkjet printer has a host of compatible ink cartridges available both online and offline. However, purchasing compatible ink cartridges from reputed suppliers with proven track records is necessary.



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