No. All Fab Cartridges are manufactured to the same high standards as the original cartridges. The shape, size and volume are essentially the same and the cartridges are therefore fully functional. Our ISO-9001-certified manufacturer ensures the quality of the cartridges they produce is maintained.

Ink, in itself, is unlikely to damage your printer.

Yes. Fab Cartridges are unique to other suppliers in that those cartridges that require a chip come with them built in. This means that there is no need for you to reuse or reset existing chips.

Note: Please be aware it is important that you do not touch the chip with your fingers when installing a cartridge. Static electricity from your body may cause damage to the chip.

To look at it another way, why are genuine cartridges so expensive? You can expect to purchase a printer from a printer company for next to cost price; however, cartridges are only available from the same company at extraordinarily high prices. A set of genuine cartridges may cost more than the printer’s purchase price.

In addition, the cartridges supplied with a new printer at the outset are usually low capacity ones to get you started. You need to do a re-think and look at cheaper alternatives.

Yes. You can expect our cartridges to be filled to the same level, if not higher, than genuine cartridges. In addition, on selected models, our manufacturer will provide more ink in the cartridge that is required for a genuine cartridge. For some of our available printers we have High Capacity cartridges which contain even more ink.

Check that you have the correct cartridge for your printer. We can provide detailed installation instructions available should problems arise. Running a cleaning cycle on your printer can eliminate most problems.

On the rare occasion (less than 1% of all cartridges we sell), there may be a fault with the cartridge itself. We will gladly replace them (or refund in full if necessary).

This may be a possibility; however, it depends on the manufacturer’s warranty. Manufacturers offer different terms in their warranty agreements. For example, to qualify for Brother’s three-year Turbo Warranty, original Brother cartridges must be used.

If our cartridges cause damage to your printer and the manufacturer refuses to provide cover under the warranty, we will replace or repair your printer for you.

  • Select the cartridges you wish to purchase and click “Add to Cart”.
  • Click on the “Shopping Cart” button at the top of the screen and again on “View your Cart”.
  • On the following page, click in the circle next to “Use Coupon Code”, or click on the words “Use Coupon Code”. Another box will appear. Click in the box, type the Coupon Code” and click the “Apply Coupon” button.
  • Continue to Checkout.

We will send you a confirmation email on receiving your order. If you have indicated your payment will be by bank transfer, our bank details will be contained in this email. Your order will be sent when payment is received.

If payment has been made by credit card before 2.00pm on a working day, your order will be despatched the same day. If payment is made after 2.00pm or on the weekend, we will send your order to you the next working day.

A further email will be sent to you requesting that you click on a link. This email requests your permission for us to send a follow-up communication to you to ensure your delivery has arrived and that all is going well. Should you not wish to receive this follow-up email, please do not click on the link. This will not affect dispatching your order.

We are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your purchase, and are happy to replace cartridges or refund in full should this be necessary.

The price of getting cartridges refilled varies from place to place. Keep in mind the following tips when you are looking for a cartridge-filling service:

  • Check staff are fully trained and back their service with a full customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Avoid ones that drill a hole in your cartridge and fill it with toner
  • If your cartridge is to produce high quality printing, before it leaves the premises it must be fully tested to ensure its best performance in your printer.

Fab Cartridges refills most cartridge types including colour, inkjet printer, laser printer, fax and photocopier.

Most cartridges available, we are able to be refilled by our technicians, i.e. colour, black, inkjet, laser, fax and photocopier. New cartridges enter the market on a regular basis. Our technician team work on newly-introduced cartridges to ensure we have the processes in place to successfully refill these.

If you have a query as to whether we can refill your cartridge type, please contact us

No, we can help you with hassle-free service. You can drop your cartridge off at Fab Cartridges store; some ink cartridges are able to be refilled while you wait for your convenience.

Yes. All cartridges are refilled to the same capacity as the original products. What you get out of a cartridge is determined by the printer settings and quantity of print on any given page.

Be assured, all our workmanship is fully guaranteed.

Customers that used the “fill your own” kits in the past now beat a path to Fab Cartridges’ door. No longer do they have to clean up the mess created by using such kits. Having a specialist technician refill their cartridges brings assurance the cartridges will work, fully backed by our guarantee.

This is dependent on the cartridge type.

Some ink cartridges, such as HP, Lexmark and a number of Canon products, have a combined print head and tank. If the circuitry is in good condition and the print head components are not damaged, these cartridges may be refilled up to six times.

Tank-based cartridges like Epson and a number of Canon products may be refilled up to five times. Past this point print faults will develop as foam clogs solids causing a failure in releasing ink to the print head when printing.

Toner cartridges also have their limits and vary between brands. You will find most HP and Canon toner cartridges are capable of being remanufactured unlimited times providing its case is in good condition. The cartridge is simply a protective case and all of its inner working mechanisms are replaceable.

Lexmark, Oki and Brother Brand toner cartridges’ recyclable ability is limited; brands such as Kyocera, Brother and some Oki products are unable to be refilled or recycled.

When replacing your ink cartridge with a new one, visit, email or call your local Fab Cartridges store for the best advice.

We absolutely stand by the quality of printing from our refilled cartridges.

You can be assured the print results from our refilled and compatible products, both in full colour and black, are crisp and bright. The difference between the final print between an Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridge and a refilled cartridge is virtually undetectable.

We give our assurance that refilling your cartridge(s) at Fab Cartridges will not harm or damage your printer. The refilling process is simple – filling ink in an empty cavity.

With toner cartridges, while worn parts are replaced, the casing and printer mechanisms remain untouched.

Our confidence in no risk to your printer by using refilled cartridges is backed by our 100% customer guarantee.

Should you be unhappy with your refilled cartridge, please speak to the store staff responsible for the refill. Our full guarantee applies to all refills. Please see our guarantee page for a detailed explanation of how our workmanship is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.

It is in your best interests to refill at Fab Cartridges because:

  • We are local and accessible. You can drop off or pick up your cartridge at store at your convenience. We are always on hand to answer your questions with best advice or discuss any issues with best results.
  • Our internationally-trained technicians are experts in their field of refilling cartridges. They are fully backed with technical support from a global team of experts.
  • All our refills are fully backed by our guarantee.

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