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Inkjet cartridge care

How to get the most from your inkjet cartridges

Follow these money-saving tips to maintain your printer and cartridges in top condition:

  • Make sure a cartridge never runs out of ink completely. An inkjet printer will burn out if it continues to operate when its ink supply has finished. When the cartridge indicator shows ‘empty’, refill or replace. Always have a replacement cartridge on hand.
  • A cartridge cannot be stored indefinitely.
  • Lines and/or missing dots forming on your text or graphics? These indicate it is time to clean the print head. Use the printer’s cleaning cycle detailed in your printer manual. Be careful not to touch the copper plate on the print head with your fingers. If this does not rectify the problem, please call us for the best solution.
  • Heat causes ink to expand and leak. Avoid leaving your cartridges in a hot vehicle or in the sun.
  • Ensure your colour cartridges are kept upright. If cartridges are left on their side, colours will mix together.
  • When installing a new or refilled cartridge, keep in mind the product needs to settle. Print at least two test pages and check the results.

Laser Toner Cartridge Care

How to get the most from your Laser Cartridges

Follow these money-saving tips to maintain your laser printer cartridge in top condition:

  • Refrain from attempting to open the cartridge.
  • As even slightly elevated temperatures can affect the plastic in a cartridge, these products should not be left in a vehicle.
  • Keep your cartridges stored at normal room temperature.
  • To avoid damage to some parts of the cartridge which are light-sensitive, store product(s) away from harsh light.
  • Store empty cartridges in its original plastic bag and cardboard box.
  • Make refilling your empty cartridges a priority.

Note: Toner stains on hands may be removed by washing with lukewarm water and soap. For clothing, brush first outdoors and wash with cold water and soap. Avoid washing toner-stained clothes in hot water. This causes the toner to set into a permanent stain.

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